Simplifying Risk Management–Advice Needed

Simplifying Risk Management – Advice Needed

Just received this email from a reader. I am sure we can all relate to his frustration and I thought his email would make a great topic for discussion:

With the slowdown in the CSG super project in QLD I have started to have a look back at what we have done and the huge beast we have created with a SWMS for every task a JSEA and a personal risk assessment in the form of Take 5, step back, SOS and Staar.

We as an industry have pushed onto our Principle Contractor and our Sub-Contractors to have a complex Risk Management system. For example we have recently had a serious incident were an excavator hit a power line. The investigation identified 23 SWMS for this task/job and this equated to 297 pages. Who in their right mind will remember what is in that, I know I certainly would not have.

I would love to hear your take on simplifying Risk Management and getting back to basics, doing what is needed and strategies in changing mindsets to keep it simple.

Over to everyone for their thoughts and suggestions………

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