Sample Safety Induction Checklists

Sample Safety Induction Checklists

One of the critical aspects of a WHS System is the Safety Induction. However, in our experience it is often poorly done. When we visit a workplace we would expect that they would go out of their way to impress with a proper induction but we usually find it is rushed, the person doing it has limited knowledge of the process, it is seen as a necessary evil and almost a waste of time (well it is if not done properly). Any person new to site eg visitor, new employee, contractor or delivery person should be inducted. Obviously the degree of induction will vary according to their time on site and what they will be doing. A good idea we picked up from Coles was to include a daily hazard register in the induction – this covers specific hazards that may be encountered that day and which may not have been brought up in a generic induction. An example might be other work being performed by other contractors that could impact on others.

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Here are a few sample safety induction checklists:

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