Safety Photos and Images of Unsafe Acts

Safety Photos and Images of Unsafe Acts

plastic-bag-shield_thumb.jpgWe know how much you all like to look at pictures of unsafe acts and stupid safety photos (click here to find out why?) so we added another page of links to the best safety images sites on the net.

IF YOU LOVE STUPID AND SILLY SAFETY SIGNS THEN PLEASE VISIT OUR HOT TOASTER PAGE. People who put up safety signs should understand semiotics and the critical importance of unconscious communication. Be aware that its not about what signs SAY to people, it about what they DO to people.

Health and Safety MEMES are also becoming very popular. SEE OUR SAFETY MEME PAGE HERE

You can see our entire collection of safety photos HERE

Another page which has proven very popular is our SAFETY POEMS PAGE and our HUUUUGE SAFETY SLOGANS Page


Leap of faith

Reverse thrust now

Window cleaning vacancy soon

Sitting on the “trunk”

Taking aim at gun control

What happened to strolling?

Please feed the racoons

Mommy’s love is wheel, honey

They must care but words fail

In parents they trust

Mommy, the airbag deployed

Tunnel vision

Do pigs need tail lights?

Plan vs. execution poles apart

Just two bolts and we can leave

Rock group inspects the damage

Sprinkle twinkle little shower

He has the sole patent for this

What’s lurking inside?

Is this what they call touchdown?

Malignancy from the skies

Form an orderly queue guys!

Jim’s spa pool arrives by crane

Toyobishi launches all-new ute

Top Gear trashes another Toyota?

Move to the end of the train!

Tram sandwich

Nature’s revenge. Carbon debits!

Try before you buy

I pull the strings round here

Van-essa, it’s a boy!

She just wants to be herd!

You need pipe? We con-duit!

Where’s the kitchen sink?

Whale vs. dinghy – not!

Mini trailer for hire

Where do you want it tipped?

Who’s steering?

Why the long face?


“Stay right there Dobbin…”

Trust your mates?

Hay, what good scaffold!

Wire you so stupid?

New meaning for “Pass the scissors”

Concrete evidence who dunnit!

Buy a lottery ticket now

But I missed the fuel tank…

Honey I’m home

Job lot, mate. You collect OK?

Anyone got a shovel?

You were shooting rabbits?

A big wave, you say?

I know a drive through stop

Quick, let’s lift it over again

Estimated Work Platform

You scratched it!

How to quit smoking

“That killed him”

We are sinking!

Head over heels in love

Get a head with your baggage

Look mate, I got me safety glasses…

I’m an expert, I’m fine!

In at the deep end

More carbon debits!

When it’s OK to hug your mates

I’m so bullet proof

That could have been terminal!

Likes his stakes rare!

Hard hat makes me flameproof

High-draulic rest break

Is that you, Peter Pan?

  • Just keep your foot down<

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