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Disclaimer: To quote Dr Rob Long: “Unfortunately, many of the tools available to people in the safety industry are mechanistic in nature and shape the thinking of the human into a dumb down trajectory. Whilst it’s good to have a checklist or a template, it’s even more important to be aware of the purpose and inherent bias. The paradox is, some checklists and templates disable to capability of a person to think. So, this is not some simplistic put down of these tools but rather a challenge for safety people to remain vigilant in their thinking. This site more than anything attracts people who want templates and don’t get me wrong templates can save time and effort but they are not neutral and were developed by some other person for a purpose, that template has a trajectory and a purpose”.


How to Do the Best Risk Assessment

risk assessmentA risk assessment is a form of strategic planning and strategy methodology. The process attempts to think about the future by reflecting on the past. Most strategies are built upon specific beliefs about the future unfortunately, the future is unpredictable. The worst risk assessment is the one that denies …… Enjoy the rest of the article >>>>>

Risk assessment tips

The risk management process consists of hazard identification, risk assessment and hazard control. Some people tend to get fixated on the risk assessment part and do not place enough emphasis on hazard control. Personally I find Haddon’s 10 countermeasures more useful than the hierarchy of controls when developing controls Risk assessment is …… Enjoy the rest of the article >>>>>

Free Risk Assessment Matrix templates from SMARTSHEET


A risk assessment matrix is a chart that plots the severity of an event occurring on one axis, and the probability of it occurring on the other. You can also format the matrix as a table, where the risk likelihood and impact are columns, and the risks are listed in rows. By visualizing existing and potential risks in this way, you can assess their impact, and also identify which ones are highest-priority. From there, you can create a plan for responding to the risks that need the most attention.

A risk matrix chart is a simple snapshot of the information found in risk assessment forms, and is often part of the risk management process. These forms are more complex, and involve identifying risks, gathering background data, calculating their likelihood and severity, and outlining risk prevention and management strategies.



The UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have published this brief guide to the assessment and control of risk. Download it here: http://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/indg163.pdf


More of a high order checklist, with thanks to Human Dymensions, to pick up on public risks associated with events: Public-Event-Risk-Management-Checklist-HD.doc (2213 downloads)

If you are looking for Free Safety Checklists CLICK HERE

If you are looking for Free Safety Systems Documents CLICK HERE

If you are looking for Free Safe Work Method Statements / JSA’a CLICK HERE

DownloRisk assessmentad Electronic Risk Score Calculator:  [Download not found]

Other Risk Assessment Resources:

School Events, Fetes, Fairs, Fundraisers and Carnivals

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  • Fire Risk Assessment Software Fire Risk Assessment Software or Fire Consultant for your business Guest Posting by UK Fire Safety Solutions Fire Risk Assessment Software or Fire Consultant
  • Free Online Risk Assessment Tools The SAFETY GURU website offers a number of really neat online risk assessment tools. They are available for various tasks including :Working Alone, Driving at
  • Plant Risk Assessment–Brisbane Plant Risk Assessment Advantage Safety & Risk Management Services are experienced safety consultants working in and around the Brisbane area. They have
  • Free Fire Risk Assessment Forms Free Fire Risk Assessment Forms FIRE RISK ASSESSMENT provides some excellent fire safety risk assessment resources including a free risk assessment

Hazard Identification, Assessment and Control Procedures from UWS –  Download Document

  • Tunnelling Risk Assessment
  • Risk Assessments for High Schools. Risk Assess is online software that makes performing risk assessments for Science quick and easy for teachers and laboratory technicians. Visit Website
  • Blank Risk Assessment Form in Excel Format Down load here: Risk Assessment Template
  • Use this form to describe, analyse, assess, rate and control hazards or risks. Includes a 1 to 25 risk matrix as commonly required by Govt departments. – OSHA HIRARC
  • Comprehensive Project Risk Assessment Questionnaire template used to identify, analyse and control  risks that will impact the project and the level of threat they pose to the project’s success.: Risk_Assessment_Questionnaire_Template
  • Very Cute “Fish Bone” or Cause and Effect Diagram Template: QLA-FishboneTemplate
  • Here is a really neat free template provided by Builders Net. The interactive form lets you choose hazards and appropriate safety control measures or insert your own from the extensive drop down boxes. This format complies with all requirements and relevant codes. Download Here:
  • One of our favourite sources of free Safety Photos and Safety Jokes – www.safetyphoto.co.uk – is also a great source for free risk  assessment forms and templates. These are all blank and mostly in word for so that you can adapt them to suit your own needs. Please note the message in their intro and disclaimer.VIEW THEM HERE>>>>>
  • Free Work Method Statements
  • On Safe Lines have released their new TIRA free software. TIRA stands for Task Inventory and Risk Assessments and is a comprehensive risk management and analysis program, designed to be used by both the safety professional and those with part time safety  responsibilities. The screen shots and description look very impressive, particularly for a free program. I haven’t reviewed the program but will do a review when I get a chance. Thoughts of others who have tried it would be welcome  Download the program here
  • Basic Risk Register Template for recording site hazards and risks including planned controls and before and after risk ratings. Download Here:
  • JSA Template. Use this template to conduct job hazard analysis and risk assessments on individual tasks to assist in developing Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS). Download Here:
  • Event Risk Management ChecklistEquestrian Federation of Australia
  • Hazard Report Form. One of the main complaints we get from employees and contractors during the interview phase of safety audits is that when they report something, like a hazard, it is either forgotten about, ignored or not actioned for a long time and they never receive recognition for reporting the issue or feedback about progress with resolution or control. Many companies have introduced a formal hazard reporting system to overcome this problem. The system incorporates a form similar to the one available below and a procedures whereby the form is recorded, commented on by those responsible and feedback given to the originator. You’ll see that ours has an important addition – adding the issue and controls to any site safety checklists that are regularly undertaken to ensure that the hazard has been controlled appropriately.Download Here:

National Emergency Risk Assessment Guidelines (NERAG)

This DRAFT is one of the simplest, yet all encompassing, guides to the principles of risk management and the risk management tools involved that I have come across. Produced for Emergency Services personnel as part of the the National Emergency Risk Assessment Guidelines (NERAG) Project is a key step in the Implementation Plan for the National Risk Assessment Framework that has been developed to meet the outcomes sought by Reform Commitment One (RC1) from the Council of Australian Governments’ (COAG) report on natural disaster mitigation, relief and recovery in Australia. Although is used to assess disasters and emergencies, the principals and tools are relevant to any situation or workplace hazard. It covers the use of tools such as ALARP, Risk Assessment Matrix, Bow Tie Diagram, Risk Curves, Risk Registers, Brainstorming and Risk Workshops with some simple examples. Download Here:

Useful Risk Assessment Tools from Workcover

  • Small Business Safety Assessment Tool – Worksafe This checklist is intended for small businesses to determine what safety issues may need to addressed or improved, and when more information may be needed.
  • Chemical Self Assessment Tool – Worksafe This tool is designed to help manage chemicals safely, meet legal requirements and protect people and the environment. Chemical safety requires a thorough, technical approach, especially to ensure the subtle and hidden hazards do not lead to catastrophic results. This self assessment tool is designed to assist in this task for sites that have a significant exposure to chemical hazards.
  • Safety Self Assessment Tool – Workcover This tool has been developed to give small and medium sized businesses an indication of how well they are handling their workplace health, safety and injury management and provide further guidance for improvement.

Some good examples of Risk Assessment Checklists

More Examples:

  • RISK MANAGEMENT FOR COMMUNITY ORGANISATIONS By WA Dept of Sport and Recreations. Includes Community RiskBase User’s Guide. Download Here:
  • Manual Handling Assessment Checklist – Safe Work Australia
  • Contractor Risk Assessment Form – Port of Brisbane – PBPL Risk Assessment Form
  • Field Activity Risk Assessment Form
  • Liability Risk Assessment Template – A really good, practical tool used by Dept of Defence Procurement Dept. Down load here: LRA_Template
  • Strategic Risk Assessment Template – Dep Primary Industries. Download Here: strategic-risk-assessment-template
  • Task Risk Assessment Template – DPI. Download Here task-risk-assessment-template

Event Risk Assessment and Management

  • For more event risk management and public liability information and checklists visit Public Liability Website
  • Link to Macquarie University’s Events Manual. Covers marketing, public liability, planning, security and safety
  • Looking for event insurance quotes online – Click Here

Risk Assessments From The UK Dept of Schools

Risk Assessments

General / Workplace


Travel / Fieldwork

Lone and Out of Hours working

New and Expectant Mothers


15+ Best Risk Assessment Templates for Your Phone

Risk assessment templates are a critical tool to help identify and control risks in your workplace. However, risk assessments can create huge amounts of paperwork and an administrative burden instead of helping implement sensible workplace safety measures. iAuditor is the world’s #1 inspection software platform and transforms paper-based forms into powerful digital mobile templates.

We have collated 15 of the best risk assessment templates across multiple industries and use cases to help you get started. Sign up for a free iAuditor account to download and modify these templates to suit your workplace and industry. Sign up here

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