Real Safety Pro’s (and Cons)

Real Safety Pro’s (and Cons) – Safety Strikes Again!

road workerFollowing on from two recent and surprisingly popular articles – You’ve Just Got To Love Safety and Porn Safety (safe for work), I was sent a story this morning from the (I promised not to blame them if I wrote a blog about it!):

Working girls glow in the dark

Prostitutes touting for business on roadsides in Italy must wear high-vis vests so that they can be spotted by passing motorists. Sex workers who refuse to wear the luminous vests risk being fined up to 500 euros ($840).

The order has been decreed by authorities in Spino d’Adda, a town just south of Milan. “Sex workers should be treated the same as road workers and obliged to wear clothes that render them more visible,” said deputy mayor Luciano Sinigaglia.

Its real intention appears to be to discourage prostitution entirely, moving the sex workers to other parts of the region. There has been a sharp increase in prostitution in Milan this year with the opening of the Expo World Fair.

Who is comfortable enough to comment on the fact that, in this case, safety has been used again for ulterior motives?.  If it were a genuine safety initiative, what are some of the likely by-products and trade offs? Given that it’s Friday, some humor is welcome and encouraged.

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