List of Safety and Risk Blogs That I Follow

List of Safety and Risk Blogs That I Follow

Depositphotos_10684529_s-2015Blogging is hard work, but very rewarding. Not financially rewarding but rewarding the sense of the buzz you get from sharing your thoughts and getting feedback from others sharing their thoughts. I’ve seen lots of blogs start with a great enthusiasm then after a little while………. It’s tough to keep going and very disconcerting when you spend hours on a really awesome piece that you hope will go viral then wonder why nobody reads it or leaves a comment. Other blogs have been going for years, brought guest bloggers on board and I’ve watched them evolve into a real community – much like this one.

Anyway, here is a list of some of the safety and risk blogs I’ve been following for a while, in no particular order. All are unique and have their own quirky style. Please check them out and maybe leave these enthusiastic bloggers a few words of encouragement, perhaps share a post or two on social media – I know they will appreciate that (please let them know I sent you Smile ). Last year I unsubscribed to quite a few blogs that were about nothing but legislation updates, accidents, fines and punishments. Some others are just marketing fronts and sponsored posts.

Are there any I have missed that should be on the list? I’m happy to add them

Is this list similar to yours?

Do you have any absolute favourites?


Safety Blogs I Follow:

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