Its about Health AND Safety

Its about Health AND Safety

Guest post by Michael

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As I write this the manager of the largest ohs discussion site is in heavy training for a charity event a one hundred and sixty kilometre bike ride then a run for a few kilometres all in plus thirty temperatures and that’s just practice!

The interesting part is Graham is no spring chicken and I wont comment on his age, but in an age of increasing obesity and associated diseases this should be of inspiration to many and to consider their lifestyle habits.

This increase in obesity and associated links other diseases has resulted in it overtaking lung cancer in causes of death in the United States ,this may well also be the case in Australia certainly hospitals are having to more frequently introduce beds and lifting equipment that can accommodate patients that have weight issues, even office chairs are being developed with more room to spread .

The obesity issue should be the challenge recognised by every ohs professional because of its dilemma in measures to be taken.

The requirement to provide a safe workplace and systems of work may have to take into account a persons size when providing equipment e.g find out what your truck seats are rated for in passenger weight .

and assess for special needs to be able to perform ordinary tasks over prolonged periods without risk to health . More thought will need to be put into ohs at the workplace with a greater emphasis on Health , its promotion through positive programs, possible redesign of workplace activities so that they are not so sedentary and inclusion of obesity in workplace diseases that could be typical to the organisation.

Details of Graham’s event:

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