Increase Your Website Income – Ezoic Ad Tester Review – 2020

A Genuine Ezoic Review – Discover How To Easily Increase Passive Income From Your Website With NO Commitment or Risk!!!

If you are a rightly sceptical and discerning publisher then you have probably read quite a few Ezoic Reviews already and wondered how legitimate they were? I would never expect anyone to believe every bit of spin they read on the internet so if you have any questions about my own real life experiences with Ezoic and how it may benefit you then please email me personally: . I’ve also tried Adngin, which was a complete failure for me! What really convinced me to switch to Ezoic was when our Adsense ads were hijacked by a malicious redirect that asked reader to update their adobe flashplayer – we lost a lot of readers and respect due to that spamvertising which was injected via one of Googles 3rd parties – Google never responded to my request for help…….Even with many of my traditional advertisers cutting budgets due to Covid-19, I’ve managed to maintain a healthy income thanks to Ezoic and their access to a huge number of advertising partner programs.  In May I joined their Premium program and saw an immediate increase in income. 


imageThis blog is about safety and risk management. You would normally associate making a quick and significant income with very high risk!! We write often about the paradox of trying to eliminate risk only to create unexpected by-products. It’s quite a unique thing for me then to write an article about a process with virtually zero risk and yet potentially significant gains to be made – how awesome would it be if everything in life was like that? READ ON IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO KNOW MORE OR JUST TRY IT FOR YOURSELF – FREE!!:

Do your AdSense income stats, over the last few years, look as sad as mine below?


passive incomeI started this blog back in 2008 and I was initially earning a few dollars a day to cover hosting costs. By 2012 I was earning a great income just from Adsense alone and about to quit my day job to become a full-time blogger. But my success was short lived, my page views were steadily growing but those glory days of just pasting some code and sitting back enjoying  good passive income are long gone. 

If you rely on Adsense or similar advertising platforms as your main source of income on your website then you may have experienced a recent plummet in your earnings – most of us have – mine are down by nearly 75% in the last 2 years!!. Advertising dollars are obviously tight and many readers have become “ad blind”. I recently started using an “Adblock Notify” plugin which kindly asks people to whitelist my site. The stats from that indicate that around 10% of my visitors use some kind of ad blocking app. I assume Google is hurting as well. Its hardly worth putting so much time into a blog anymore and I was about to give up to spend more time doing real work.

To earn a decent Adsense income then some hard work is required to test different ad locations, colours and sizes – but who has the time or even the skills to do that? Using Ezoic how I recovered most of my losses and dramatically increased both traffic and income on this blog – with all the hard and technical work done by someone else – free! 🙂


I’m running a 50/50 split test – The blue is my original Adsense set up and the green is the Ezoic system – you can probably see the difference!!




Just when my advertising income had reached an all time low (see the right end of my earning chart above). Ezoic contacted me about their new “Ezoic Ad Tester”. I had tried Ezoic’s site optimization tools about a year ago and, although I had some good results, I just couldn’t handle someone else taking over the design of a site that I had spent 8 years working on. Ezoic received the same feedback from other publishers and, in the words of the guy’s at Ezoic, “we had to cop that on the chin”. (you can see what I wrote about that experience at the end of this post).

However, the new Ezoic Ad Tester allows you to keep the look and feel of your site and just test Ad variations – PERFECT!!  If you have ever tried testing ad variations yourself then you will know how daunting and time consuming it can be. Google’s experiment feature is clunky, various plugins offer A/B testing but this can only test limited variations. Ezoic, on the other hand, uses very intelligent algorithms to automatically test literally thousands of variations.

These are some of the cool features that the new Ezoic Ad Tester provides and more apps are being added:

Chrome Place Holder Extension

imagead tester image 3.JPGAdd the Ezoic extension to your chrome toolbar and this allows you to drag and drop place holders wherever you think ads may work (and look) best on a live version of your site – in my case I used previous experience on what locations worked well).

Ezoic Ad Tester will then takeover and test which ads, colours and sizes work best in those locations. Ezoic not only test traditional Adsense ads here but also ads from the entire Google Ad Exchange and numerous other competing ad networks – they only show the highest earning ads and occasionally these may be from your existing Adsense inventory – THIS IS WHY IT IS SAFE, RISK FREE AND YOU JUST CANNOT LOSE! 

Mediation Stock Description


With Ezoic you can keep any other existing ad networks (these are mine in the image) that you have bene using but simply include them in your mediation inventory and Ezoic will help ensure that you get the most our of them by publishing their ads if they are achieving highest earnings at any time.

You can include your current ad networks, ad exchanges, native ads and header bidding partners easily in the Ezoic platform.  Ezoic also has like 1500 of its own ad partners – how is that for competition!!

Ezoic collates the data from these other networks and includes it all in your revenue stats on one place in their dashboard. Ezoic reckon that this way sites you can make up to 250% more in ad earnings!

Website and Testing Apps


Ezoic have an ever-expanding array of pretty cool apps that you can activate as you need them. They include apps for blocking unwanted ads, specifying colors, Cloudflare, social sharing, limiting number of ads, blocking ads entirely on specific pages and adding images.

READY TO TRY IT? – You will Luv It!


UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2016: Still really happy with my steady climb in income. If this keeps up then I’m hoping for the sort of Adsense income I enjoyed a few years ago. Got to speak with the senior management team via teleconference, which they initiated – really genuine, friendly and super knowledgeable people who like to listen rather than tell – they definitely have a mutual interest in helping publishers achieve their best results and they have since followed up with great tips and advice on some awesome new apps coming soon including mobile APM. We almost had to reschedule the meeting as some representatives from Google dropped in for an unexpected visit – we all know how important it is to appease them!!


UPDATE AUGUST 2016: Despite my success with Ezoic, I couldn’t help but try Adngin as I had had a few private email questions from people asking how it compared. So I tried it for 3 months (to be fair, it takes at least this amount of time to show real improvement).  I am not going to say anything negative about Adngin but it just didn’t work out for me  as well as I was expecting – others may have a very different experience depending on the type of site they run, traffic, demographic etc and my losses could have coincided with seasonal variation (July is traditionally a low earning month).

I have no regrets (there is no greater life sentence to impose on yourself) and am now back with Ezoic for good – they were in touch straight away, as soon as they saw I had reactivated my account and have very quickly integrated their system again – after only a couple of days I’ve seen a nice jump up in income but I’m experienced enough now to realise that this is a long term commitment! (I’ll put up a graph of my Ezoic Adsense earnings in a little while, when it looks more meaningful).

There is another competitor in the market called “AmpedSense” who claims to offer a more effective Adsense monetisation strategy via a WordPress Plugin – I haven’t tried it but it seems to only offer a very limited testing process via changes you manually program into the the plugin – Ezoic can do 1000’s more test variations – automatically! If anyone has tried AmpedSense I would love to hear your feedback. I am not sure if they are a Certified Publishing Partner with Google? Ezoic were one of the first.

imageUPDATE Feb 2016: BIG NEWS!!! EZOIC now have an ad optimization option which lets you keep the look of your old site (that was my main concern) and just test out ad variations – this is awesome, will save you heaps of time and is certain to give great, no risk results – I am already seeing impressive increases in my income, particularly from smart phone devices. The beauty of this is that you just can’t lose – apparently they only display the highest paying ads (please make sure you stick with it for at least 30 days to really see positive results – then just revert back if you don’t like it) YOU CAN TRY IT FOR FREE HERE

A Google Certified Publishing Partner. Learn more about Ezoic here.

FEBRUARY 2015: For a while I’ve been playing around with the design of this site in order to increase user experience, time on site and speed. But the main aim was to help people find all the awesome stuff that’s in here. The result was a pretty busy looking site and feedback was that it was difficult to navigate. I asked around and everyone told me they liked it and to leave it as is. I still felt like a change but as I get pretty sick of looking at the same thing day in, day out.

I have also played around with Adsense ads in order to increase the income generated. I’ve experimented with ad size and placement and used the AdSense experiment feature to trial different colours. My conclusion was that different colours make very little difference and the best performing ads are those that appear below the article title and before the main content. Side bar ads are a total waste of time!

My first contact with Ezoic

This email then couldn’t have been more timely:

Hi Dave,

Firstly, congrats; is an awesome site. Do you work on it full-time or is it a hobby?

Ezoic is the first Google AdSense certified partner headquartered in the US that helps sites increase AdSense earnings through layout improvement. Have you ever considered testing your site’s layout and ad placements? I know it sounds implausible, but testing new layouts of the exact same content can increase your ad income 50-250% and significantly enhance the user experience, which is one of the most important ranking factors!

Ezoic can help you do this; would it be alright if I sent you some info?


Like everyone who has a blog or website, I get inundated by emails promising to get me to No1 on Google or make me a fortune and I delete them all. But this one was different ie it wasn’t from a dodgy gmail account and they seemed legit. I checked out their website – seemed legit! I tried searching for reviews from others but couldn’t find much but they are a new venture funded start up company. The fact that they are a Google certified Adsense partner was enough for me so I responded and they came back VERY QUICKLY with:

Thanks for taking the time to get back to me. To give you an overview, we help website owners increase their ad revenue and improve user experience metrics like time on site, page views per visit, and bounce rate by testing new layouts of your exact same content. Most website owners don’t realize how important site layout is on the overall performance of the site, or don’t have the time and resources to conduct multiple tests simultaneously, which is why we built Ezoic!

Ezoic is the first and only certified Google AdSense partner located in North America, which means we are trusted by Google to help publishers reach their full potential with their websites. The Ezoic system automatically builds and tests hundreds of layouts of your site and over 650 different ad sizes and placements to find what your visitors respond best to. The system tests layouts on all devices, so your site becomes instantly mobile and tablet friendly.

Best of all, the system is completely automated and non-intrusive. There’s no additional time commitment from you – ideally you should have more spare time since Ezoic is doing all the technical ‘heavy lifting’ for you – and if you aren’t getting the results you’d hoped for, you can leave the platform at any time and your site instantly reverts to it’s original layout – as simple as that!

So, I signed up and pointed my DNS name servers to theirs and waited………. It took a while to propagate and the was pretty slow for a while but then it started loading quicker than ever before – good sign!

My first thoughts on Ezoic

I have to admit that I thought the first few new versions of my site were pretty ugly and my income dropped off to almost nothing. I got nervous and switched my site back to my old DNS record and hoped I hadn’t destroyed and Google page rank. Pretty quickly a senior Ezoic person contacted me and asked what was wrong. I explained my nervousness and fears. They told me that this was quite normal but if I gave it a few weeks I would be very happy – so I went back and I am glad that I did!

There have been a few teething problems with inappropriate ads, Livewriter not working and problems with Cloudflare but Ezoic’s response has been incredible and these problems were quickly fixed. I’ve decided not to let go completely and now I’ve chosen a balance between displaying their experimental sites and my old one.

Early days yet but the results seem promising, particularly for mobiles and tablets which I hadn’t given much thought to previously. Keen to see how the next few weeks pan out and I would love to hear of your experiences.

The graph below shows some impressive growth in my earnings per thousand visitors (EPMV) on tablets (you can see where I got nervous and pulled out for a couple of days soon after I started):


Do you have any thoughts? Please share them below