If only Jesus was a Safety Guy


If only Jesus was a Safety Guy – an out of control and unnecessary discussion

imageThis photo and headline was posted recently on the OSHA Linkedin discussion group (see it here). The original intent was simply to post a humorous UnSafety photo, typical of the thousands of others doing the rounds online and via email (this one was on Twitter). However, it led to the most intensive debate I have yet seen on a LinkedIn forum – a religious war almost! See some of the comments below and it may make you feel ashamed to be part of this profession. I am constantly amazed at the popularity of discussions like this and other displacement activities, the time that is wasted and the fundamentalist zealots who come out of both ends of the woodwork – as opposed to the professional and more serious stuff that we should be learning, focussed on and discussing. Would the people who look to us for guidance and assistance be impressed by this? As about as impressed as they are by the stupid procedures, rules and slogans we impose upon them, as if we were God, I am guessing. At least I learned a new word: “PROSELYTIZE – to convert or attempt to convert someone from one religion, belief, or opinion to another”. I like it and it is now part of my repertoire – I see lots of that, religious or otherwise. Smile

I tried to throw in a comment about safety being done on a wing and a prayer but I have been blocked by the moderators, yet this stuff gets through????

What do you think of comments like this by “Professionals” from both sides of the debate:

“I could not help but notice the difference in tone in these posts. Those who follow Jesus Christ have shown much patience, kindness, tolerance, and good will. To these HR and Safety Professionals; Thank you for your caring and mentoring. To the others who have shown hostility, anger, and rude behavior; I wish you every success in your profession and your lives….and God Bless you all”.

“God, the creator, listens to those that have humbled themselves and accepted Christ Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Personal testimony of this reality. My son-in-law was doing his tour of duty and my daughter and my grandson were living with us. I was watching cartoons with my grandson in their bedroom. I looked up and on the back of the bedroom door my daughter had a hanging shoe rack with a bunch of mardi gra beads wrapped around the top. The scripture in 1Thessalonians 5:22 " Abstain from all appearance of evil." came to mind and the knowledge that mardi gra is a celebration of evil. In that instant i spoke out load " Father, i don’t want those in my house." I went on with life and didn’t think anything else about it … until i came home one day and setting beside the trash can is a plastic bag with all the beads in it. I go to my daughter and said "Baby girl, what’s up with the mardi gra beads?" and she says "I don’t know Daddy, i just felt like i needed to throw them away." I explained to her what i just shared here and she says, "oh daddy those beads don’t have any kind of evil power." I told her that they represent the celebration of evil and that’s why i spoke what i did. And that the word says we are to abstain from all appearance of evil. Then i explained to her that even though she didn’t understand it was the Holy Spirit of God that gave her the unction to get rid of the beads, it was good that she was obedient to do as He lead. God hears as well as speaks to us. I hope this encourages some to think about what they believe and to seek the creator God for themselves. What i believe may or may not effect you. What you believe will most definitely effect you for eternity . God is faithful! Be encouraged! Radical4Safety”

“Every one of you should be ashamed of yourselves. This is an International non denominational PROFESSIONAL forum. How ’bout you Born Again proselytizers show a little.”

“He is my safety guy, my boss, my mentor, my best friend, my confidant, my everything. If I could not talk to him daily about things just things in general, I could not do this job with the stress there is out there today.”

“Salvation means Rescue / Safety and a proselyte is one who has converted to Judaism according to the original Greek. No one here has tried to convert anyone. Professionals within the industry have made comments according to the post and the thoughts that were brought to mind. We still live in a country where we have freedom of speech and as a safety professional i will stand strong in protecting that freedom for everyone … no matter what you believe or don’t believe. Personally, I had much rather be offended and even judged if it helped open my heart to the truth of salvation thru Christ Jesus. The time and place is anytime the Holy Spirit moves you. Be blessed and safe. No judgement … Just love from a broken but mended heart! Praise God!”

“it was a lighthearted statement snapped up by those who believe that they are NOT an EMBARRASSMENT to God. We had it for a minute, but there’s just no stopping MORONS on a Mission. You give them a horn and they will BLOW IT every time!”

“Jesus is a Safety Guy! I pray every day that he looks over all my personnel and let them finish there work without getting hurt, It pays to have Jesus on your team”

“people made this discussion about religion, just like people start wars about religion. Some, I’m sure didn’t even bother to look at the photo. And why are so many safety professionals automatically assuming this is about Jesus and not a man named Jesus pronounced "Hey-Sues." Aren’t we trained to think outside of the box, or trained to see both sides of the coin”

“I just wanted tell each one of you that I appreciate your insight, experience and opinions. I hope I have added value to this group as well. When I read your posts, it is good to know that so many of you understand the challenges of safety and deal with the same issues. Fitting all the pieces together – rules & regulations, behaviour, cost, communication, motivation, and technology – is fascinating to me as when we get down to some of the nuts and bolts of safety. I also enjoy the humorous side of safety, and have some of my own photos to share with you all in the future.”

“Yes he was a good safety guy so to say however, don’t you think Jesus performed many unsafe acts while on planet earth by walking on the sea without canoe nor Personal Floating Device or by accompanying Devil to the tallest mountain without Fall Protective Device et cetera. We need to embrace Jesus no doubt about it but be careful not follow all he did since modern safety has no relationship with supernatural or magical power.”

“here’s a tip for future discussions. If you don’t want to impose your religion on others, don’t use the name of your god in the title along with a photo of a church and crucifix. If I didn’t want to start a discussion about evolution I wouldn’t mention the word Darwin in the title and I wouldn’t show a picture of man evolving from apes which I could find in any science book”

“I am sure you didn’t expect this to happen when you posted this discussion and I hope you didn’t have sleepless nights because of it. I am sure nobody blames you because your intentions were good and not religious. And although my hair went straight up when reading some religious comments, I had a great laugh too. So thanks pal and please keep posting!! “:

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