Health and Safety Representatives

Just been alerted to this new resource portal for H&S Reps on the Worksafe Victoria Website. Lots of info about running committee meetings, consultation and resolving workplace safety issues. Register as an HSR to receive regular updates about training, events and news for HSRs.

Health and safety representatives

The Victorian Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 recognises the important role health and safety representatives (HSRs) play in representing the health and safety interests of employees.
HSRs have been an important feature of occupational health and safety (OHS) in Victoria since 1985 and it is widely acknowledged that HSRs can make a real difference in having OHS issues addressed and can help achieve better health and safety outcomes.

Elected HSRs represent employees who are members of their Designated Work Group (DWG) and provide a way for their views and concerns about health and safety to be heard by their employer.
The members of a DWG may decide the election process and elect a HSR to represent their views and concerns about health and safety.

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Latest information for HSRs

HSR training entitlements (PDF 65kb)

Download this fact sheet designed to help HSRs understand their OHS training entitlements.



Employee Representation handbook (PDF 810kb)

This handbook contains all you should know about employee representation. It is a reference for all those who are involved in OHS representation, particularly HSRs and employers, and all Victorian workers who seek to establish designated work groups and representation arrangements in their workplace.


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