Health and Safety Overkill

Health and Safety Overkill

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In searching for more ammunition to fight my “OHS is Bull$#/t” Cause (see recent article). I came across this gem on the Workplace Law Bookshop Website:

“In a culture where £200 is spent on teaching employees how to make a cup of tea safely it seems that employers are becoming increasingly risk averse in order to avoid being sued.”

Inspired by our recent article ‘Mug’s game?’ featured in Workplace Law Magazine we have produced 100 limited edition Health and Safety Overkill mugs. Order yours now to ensure that you and your colleagues will take the necessary precautions next time you’re making a cuppa.

Includes a handy checklist of important questions such as:

  • PAT tested the kettle?
  • checked for vermin faeces in the teabag container?
  • checked the milk is in date?
  • considered the slips/trips risk of carrying tea?
  • checked the handle on the mug is secure?
  • waited for tea to cool to safe temperature?

Safety sign overkill

safety sign overkill And this one from here:ThePoms are giving the Aussies a run for their money with Occupational Health and Safety posters. Here’s one on a telephone pole!These are on EVERY pole!
safety sign overkill “I almost tripped down these stairs because the signs were so distracting!!!”

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