Gaining AS4801 Accreditation

How to Gain AS4801 Accreditation

Some of the most common queries on this site are about gaining AS4801 accreditation or why you need to have AS4801 accreditation in the first place. Probably because, it seems that, even some of the organisations providing AS4801 accreditation find it hard to explain – that is our experience anyway.

We’ve asked some experts in the field of AS4801 system development, implementation and auditing to write us a a layman’s guide to the basics of painlessly gaining AS4801 accreditation. So STAY TUNED.In the mean time if you need any advice regarding setting up an OHS system in accordance with AS4801, and AS4801 audit or are interested in AS4801, we recommend:

  • On the EAST COAST (Sydney, Melbourne Brisbane) – Safety for Life
  • On the WEST COAST (Adelaide, Perth, WA) = SINA Solutions

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