Funny Safety Images

Mouse in helmet image from: You Can Be

Funny Safety Photos and Images

plastic-bag-shield_thumb.jpgJust as safety slogans can help employees remember safety protocols, funny safety images can also be safety catalysts in the workplace.  Serving as quick visual reminders of safety procedures, safety posters and cartoons can decrease accidents and fatalities.  Often, simple cartoons and funny safety images can be the brief yet memorable images necessary for accident prevention.  Let’s look at the reasons behind safety image success.

Keep it Simple

Safety images are most effective when they are simple.  Simple cartoon lines, simple colors, and simple actions are easier for the eye to read and identify quickly.  A simple picture of a worker lifting properly or a simple cartoon illustrating the proper lifting technique will be better received by employees than a convoluted, busy illustration.  This simplicity draws in even the busiest employee in a very quick time frame; the amount of time it takes to study and take in a simple illustration will make it easier to glance at and draw an opinion, in as little time as possible.

Make it Funny

Who doesn’t like a quick chuckle?  A funny cartoon will appeal to employees because they can quickly take a break to have a laugh.  Funny safety images can include cartoon falls, cartoon injuries, and real people doing dangerous things (check out — funny!).  Make sure you label the dangerous activities “What not to do at work,” post the images and enjoy your employees’ laughter.  Even images not related to your workplace safety, like posting funny construction images in a grocery store, can encourage employees to consider their own safety at work.

Have Fun

Safety images can become fun weekly reminders of safety, and you may notice employees look forward to your new posts.  Besides posting new images weekly, you can have fun with safety images.  Share your images through email or powerpoint presentations at safety committee or toolbox meetings.

Encourage Employees to Contribute

Employees may wish to contribute to the fun of safety images, so encourage employees to find and contribute safety images to you for posting.  Allowing employees to join in on the fun may drive home the safety messages and encourage employees to be your cheerleaders to other employees.  Peer support of safety will further underline your safety messages.

Safety can be fun, and utilizing safety images, safety photos or safety clipart can make your safety program fun for all.  A safety leader who enjoys having fun while learning will both make the program enjoyable to employees and enjoy the program his/herself.  So have fun out there, stress safety, and laugh when possible.

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