First Semiotics Masterclass

First Semiotics Masterclass

clip_image002This week (19-21 April) was the first Master Class undertaken by the Centre for Leadership and Learning in Risk (CLLR – ) and what an amazing time of learning was had by all 28 participants. Here we are on the steps of the Tuggeranong Community Centre where the workshops were held.

This Master Class extends the work of the Introduction to Semiotics and Risk which was held late last year as part of the Certificate program. This is the first workshop in the qualification to a ‘Master in the Social Psychology of Risk’. In this workshop participants explored the following concepts:

· The nature of semiotics, semiology, semantics and the semiosphere

· The problem of binary oppositionalism

· The challenge of dialectic

· An introduction to technique

· Archetypes and the symbolism of risk

· Culture and the progression from artifact-language-image

· Understanding terms like wickedity, emergence and praxis

· Tools for visualization

· The power of metaphor

· Visual and special literacy

· The collective unconscious and symbols of risk

· How to use semiotic skills is tackling risk

· The challenges of anti-fragility, risk and semiosis

The Master workshop included 4 mini-sessions with global expert in visualization Roy Fitzgerald with his specialist skills in semiotic skill development. Roy and Dr Long work together with executives in National and International organizations in Culture, Risk and Learning using this unique program. Dr Long and Roy Fitzgerald will release their book (sixth in the series on risk) Tackling Risk, Human Learning and Risk in July.

In the mini workshops participants were led by Roy and worked with semiotics, modelling and critical thinking about risk using his unique visualization skills process. Roy developed his methodology in Germany.


Roy explains the visualization method and semiotic codes.

Dr Rob Long

Dr Rob Long

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Dr Rob Long

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