Dolphin Safety Now Has a New Porpoise

Dolphin Safety Now Has a New Porpoiseimage

One of our awesome Authors, Rob Sams, has changed the name of his already successful Safety Consulting business from Dolphin Safety Solutions to Dolphyn but there is a lot more to it than just a name change. Rob explains:

Dolphin Safety Solutions began in March 2012. It marked my first venture into the world of consulting and the next stage of my career in supporting people to understand and deal with risk.

During the first few years most of our work involved what we now call ‘traditional safety’. It was developing systems, policies, procedures and conducting audits. However, as I recently wrote about in a Blog: I’m just not that into ‘safety’ anymore. If being ‘safe’ is about controlling people in our lives, we need to be aware of the trade-offs and by-products of control. We need to be aware that this stifles learning, and is demotivating for people who no longer have control over the decisions they make.

Around 18 months ago, I started a new learning journey commencing post graduate studies in social psychology and  risk through ACU. What an exciting journey this has been. Learning about people, our social arrangements and how this relates to risk.

It is through this journey that I came to realise that when the word ‘safety’ is used, it often conjures thoughts and images of no risk, of a world where imagination is not encouraged and where control seems to be the name of the game. This is not what I’m about and it’s not what we do at Dolphyn. Instead, we support learning and we help people to discern risk for themselves. We translate the often complex world of risk and safety and help people understand it’s knowing ‘Y’ that matters.

I’m so pleased to introduce you Dolphyn, the next stage of my exciting life journey.

We believe that words, and how we communicate matters. This is why our name change important to us, both in the words that we do use and in those that we don’t.  But more than our name i s changing, our
website is currently being developed and will be launched in September 2014.  Along with this will come new contact details including e-mail addresses and exciting news about new collaborations we have formed.

Stay tuned for more information on Dolphyn soon.

Cheers for now, Rob

Visit Rob’s current website:

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