5 Whys Root Cause Analysis

5 Whys Root Cause Analysis

5 Whys Examples and Training Resources

The 5-Why approach is thought to have been created by Sakichi Toyoda (1867 – 1930), the founder of Toyota, as a simple way to begin any investigation with the aim of determining the “root cause”. Can be used to solve any simple problem including production issues, customer service, product quality, hazard control and incident or accident investigation.

  • Basic, 1 page 5 Whys Template from ACTEW: [Download not found]
  • Here is a brilliant 2 page 5 why root cause analysis template from http://www.theiplgroup.com/ (visit their site for other useful templates). Download the template: [Download not found]
  • Some of the best 5 whys resources I have come across have been published by DELPHI:
  1. 5 Whys Powerpoint Training Course with heaps of good 5 Why examples: [Download not found]
  2. This document fully explains the 5 Why problem solving process and includes some really good 5 why templates to assist with the process: [Download not found]

Great video that explains how to use the 5 whys root cause analysis tool to solve simple workplace and safety problems. Provides a simple example of how to use the 5 whys process and a a good explanation of some of the limitations.

  • Here is a good document from SMART Outcome that provides a good overview of the 5 Whys process, how and when to use it and some examples of the 5 Whys Process:
  • Here is a great Powerpoint Presentation from The Dept Labour and Industries explaining how to use the 5 whys and other simple techniques for accident investigation:
  • Visit this site for an Excel spread sheet set up as a simple 5 Why Analysis Tool, the site also provides a step by step guide to doing a 5 why investigation. GO THERE


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