The 10 Behaviours of the Safety Sociopath

The 10 Behaviours of the Safety Sociopath

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TConstruction Worker Warninghe following list may help identify a safety sociopath. The safety sociopath:


1. Frames their identity against ‘the other’, they only identify themselves by what they don’t believe rather than what they believe.

2. Never source or learn from others, they only quote themselves.

3. Must harm ‘the other’ in the name of zero harm, psychological harm is their best weapon.

4. Proclaim safety when their real agenda is self against the other.

5. Is the only one who is right.

6. See no grey only binary black and white.

7. Denigrates education and research, the expertise of others must be rejected as idiocy.

8. Is energised by attracting enemies and demonising them.

9. Doesn’t believe in safety, they just use safety as a source for power over others. The safety sociopath masks the quest for power in the language of safety.

10. Is affirmed by rejection, this confirms that theirs is the one true way.

The safety sociopath uses strategies that are often insidious, using gaslighting techniques to seduce others into their game of attack and harm.

What should be done if one encounters a safety sociopath? Ignore don’t help, any form of helping is identified as weakness and an opportunity for attack and power.

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