Freestyle Motocross Safety Tips

Freestyle Motocross Safety Tips

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Apart from being an exhilarating experience, motocross is also quite a dangerous sport. Riders need to understand that accidents can be an avoidable part of the entire racing experience. Crashes are expected because of the rough terrain involved in the sport, along with the nature of the competition, and natural and man-made obstacles in the race course.

Even the performance characteristics of the bikes involved in the sport makes it almost certain for the rider to experience at least one crash in his lifetime. Despite all these factors motocross riders can follow few safety measures to reduce the occurrence of any likely crashes.

Inspect the track

What any motocross rider must do initially is to walk around the track and examine the race course, before attempting to ride at a high speed. After this, comes the condition of the motorcycle and its maintenance.

Ensure that your bike is excellent working condition

Check the bike tyres before you get ready to ride at race speeds and ensure that they are inflated to the required pressure. The tyres need to have a good tread. The frame of the bike must be free of any cracks since this might cause problems while riding at high speeds.

Oil the bike chains if necessary and make sure the tyre rims aren’t bent or broken. Jagged or loose bike parts can easily harm the rider or can end up causing a massive crash. One great way of preventing any untoward incidents is by following this freestyle motocross safety rule.

Protective gear needs to be used at all times

One of the most important freestyle motocross safety precautions is to wear protective riding gear while on the course. Using the gear can help save your life during a massive crash. Wear a helmet that fits well and doesn’t come off while riding at high speeds. Padded clothing, protective gloves, knew length boots and elbow pads are extremely important while going in for freestyle motocross.

It is very important to stay in shape

One important freestyle motocross safety tip is to keep your body fit and healthy as this can help you stay in control while riding at race speeds. Build strong muscles to help manage the bike. Maintaining your developed muscles will help in easier controlling of your bike at all points of time during the racing event. Spend some time at the gym regularly and weight-lift in order to strengthen your core.

Stay prepared for the unexpected

‘Expect the unexpected’ is a popular phrase and can be aptly used for freestyle motocross riders. Unexpected events are bound to occur and safety becomes all the more important in times like those. For example, you might end up missing a landing or even hit one of the obstacles without meaning to. Staying constantly prepared for such inevitable occurrences by knowing what to do at that time is extremely recommended.

Practice makes your perfect

Lastly, practice is extremely important when it comes to freestyle Moto-crossing. It is an essential safety and preparation tip that can help you get used to you the bike you will be riding. Each bike tends to respond differently and spending a little time practicing on a regular basis can help you master the controls of the bike. A great way to get better with the landing and other ticks is by constantly practicing.

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